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It is indeed true that we all are living a lifestyle in which having food is our least priority. I can majorly relate to it because there are times that I am so much involved in work or studies that I tend to forget to eat my meal of the day. What has caused this all? Stressful working and studying schedule. Yes I couldn’t find a solution to end the stressful or manage it well but what I could find was Marley Spoon Discount Code. It’s a way to get discount on an amazing Meal Kit service known as Marley Spoon.

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I have always been breakfast lover as compare to any other meal of the day. This is the reason I keep on trying new recipes to bring the best possible food with the delicious vibes coming out of it. This task of mine has always been taken care of by Dinnerly in making all the people out there get the best possible recipes as the ingredients needed are all part of the store. Dinnerly promo code let things fall within budget especially when I need something extra ordinary in my list of the ingredients to cook food for the best result possible. So just grab this Dinnerly Promo Code and start ordering today.

This week I tried the best potato pan cakes which will blow your mind as they have been the most scrumptious thing I ever tried along with being healthy and nutritious at the same time. Being a potato lover I have been trying out various tricks to make French fries, roasted & pureed potatoes and now it’s time to make pancakes. The excitement was reaching its peak when I was trying it out as this would be my newly learned potato dish.

I tried this dish at an Irish restaurant during my visit to Ireland. They call it potato boxty which makes your mouth run water.


2 tablespoon flour

½ cup milk

I large egg

2 yukon gold potatoes

Salt and pepper to taste


With all these mouthwatering ingredients something delicious will be placed in front of you to cherish the traditional dish of Ireland. The following preparation tips will let you taste most yummy pancakes.

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Take one potato, peel it and put it in the pot to bring it to boil. Simmer it till it gets all soft, then drain it and mash it well. Peel the other potato and shred them. With this make sure to squeeze out all the excess water and add the mashed potato in it. Mix it well and then add flour. Now mix egg in the mixture. Gradually mix milk in the batter to make everything come together. This is also the time to put in the seasoning (salt and pepper) to bring the best taste.

Take a pan and place it on a medium heat. Melt a piece of butter on it and scoop the batter and place it on the pan by spreading it all across the pan to form the pancakes. Let it cook for some time to let both the sides get the perfect golden touch. Here patience is the major key. Flip and turn the sides to makes sure that right heat cook the pancakes you are literally dying to taste.

Keep repeating until you make all the pancakes from the left over batter and then just serve it with the sour cream.

Hope you will love the new recipe put forwarded to make you experience the best possible taste letting you have a chance to eat well. Gets the best taste with all the new and healthy recipes coming your way?


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Being a mother of two I have maintained a lot through my diet and being active all the time. This is something which I have always been appreciated by people around me. But as you can’t get everything in life so was in my case as it struck me when I saw fine lines appearing by the corner of my mouth and even eyes. The lines near mouth can be explained appearing due to severe stretching as result of laughing but eye, they were definitely ageing sign. Thank God I at that particular time came across Stylage M otherwise I would have gone deep under the depression as youthful skin is dear to everyone. Stylage M 1ml Lidocaine has been a real skin savior for many people.

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